October 15, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 18)


Strong Points: Good general overview, easy-to-understand language
Weak Points: No citations of information about people behind site


The Hopkins ABX Guide provides a nice, beginner-level overview of bacterial infections, pathogenic bacteria, and the use of antibiotics. The information on the site is targeted to a lay audience, with the authors eschewing jargon in favor of easy-to-understand language. The topics on the site are not covered in great depth; instead, they are superficially discussed. Thus, this website is really meant only as an introduction. The material seems scientifically sound, though it is disappointing that no information about the people or content behind the website is revealed. The site appears to be trying to take advantage of its semi-namesake, Johns Hopkins, though the university does not seem to be connected to this page. Therefore, keeping in mind the caveat that the website lacks citations, the basic information presented on the site serves as a nice introduction to key topics in human health.

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