April 15, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 8)


Strong Points: A great variety of educational resources
Weak Points: Site design is a bit overwhelming, cluttered with ads


Histology, the anatomical study of tissues and cells, is certainly interesting in its own right. But hey, that’s just my opinion. If traditional histology textbooks aren’t your cup of tea—or if you simply want to spice up your studies—then you should certainly go explore the online vastness of histology-world.com. I don’t have nearly enough space here to describe all of the site’s features, but they include histology slides, test questions, mnemonics, glossaries, photos, videos, fact sheets, and—oh yeah—games wherein the player can make his/her professor (whom you can design on the site…I don’t know, to maybe resemble someone who recently failed you on an exam…) walk the plank or get catapulted by a trebuchet. (Which college student hasn’t wished at least once for an opportunity like that?)

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