January 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 2)


Strong Points: Very organized, updated frequently
Weak Points: Content should expand to include other brain regions


Neurons are often depicted in the same way—a prominent cell body, with dendrites protruding from one end and a single long axon winding from the other end. However, in reality, neurons are incredibly diverse, even within a single brain area. Hippocampome consolidates information about neurons specifically found in the hippocampus, and catalogs the diverse morphology, electrophysiology, connectivity, and molecular markers of these neurons. The website nicely displays a large amount of information about the variety of neurons found in this brain region by consolidating it into tables that are clearly marked and easy to follow. The tables are heavily referenced, which allows users to delve more deeply into specific cell types based on any of the characterizing features that are described. Hippocampome is an excellent website that is thoughtfully organized and very informative about the diverse types of neurons that can be found in this memory center of the brain.

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