February 1, 2005 (Vol. 25, No. 3)


Strong Points: Broad perspective
Weak Points: Scattered

I really like catchy names for Websites, but I wince whenever I see contrived amalgams, such as the one contained in the URL of this site. What is biohealthmatics, you might wonder? Biology, health, and mathematics? No, that would be too simple. Try biomedical informatics. Ouch! Why not call it biomedical informatics? Complaints aside, Biohealthmatics is of note as a career contact point for candidates/companies seeking employment/employees in informatics in the biomedical field. Registration (free for candidates) is required to access information at the site. In addition, the site’s other sections (Bioinformatics Directory, Featured Articles, Forums, News, and Knowledge Center) are all useful, providing easy access to information independent of registration. Though the site overflows with commercial banners from almost all areas of technology, I still give it an overall positive rating.

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