Rating: Very good

Strong Points: Care management resources are comprehensive and free to access.

Weak Points: Website includes product information; some links direct to other Novartis sites.

HCP.Novartis.com brings the most up-to-date information about the pharmaceutical giant’s oncology research directly to healthcare professionals. The website includes numerous resources for providers working with cancer patients, including information about care management, details about ongoing clinical trials, and recent abstracts presented at various conferences. In particular, the care management resources are in-depth and worth looking at. These resources cover numerous topics ranging from general guidelines for caregivers, administration of palliative care, advances in precision oncology and radioligand therapy, and even information about addressing and preventing burnout in healthcare providers. The care management resources include both videos and downloadable PDFs and are free to access. A major component of the website is dedicated to products that can be purchased from Novartis, but the free resources and information about ongoing trials make HCP.Novartis.com a worthwhile visit for healthcare professionals working in oncology.

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