February 15, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 4)


Strong Points: Well-written articles for nonspecialists
Weak Points: Page navigation is cumbersome (must scroll through content)


Neuroscience is enjoying its moment in the spotlight, courtesy of recent high-profile programs such as the BRAIN Initiative. Through their recently launched neuroscience blog, a group of Harvard graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are eager to explain why neuroscience as a field deserves its current attention and praise. In service of the project’s goals—which include showing people how cool neuroscience is, illustrating what it’s like to be a working scientist, and critically analyzing recent findings (especially those that are sensationalized in the media)—the blog contributors have already written articles on topics as diverse as gender equality in science, the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin, and savants. The articles are written for the nonspecialist, with no neuroscience knowledge (or even much science knowledge) required. Articles are published approximately once every 5–10 days, so it appears that readers will have a steady supply of material.

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