Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Many public repositories, easy to collaborate and share

Weak Points: Can be tricky to use if you’re a novice

Computer coding is now an essential component of scientific research at every stage of the process, from project design and implementation to data analysis and figure construction. Github supplies a convenient way to easily store, manage, and share the code you use in the lab. Users start by creating a repository where they can upload their code. Branches can be used to tinker with the code without overwriting it. Once the changes are finalized, they can be committed to the master branch, ensuring that the best and most up-to-date version of the code is available. In addition to adding code, users can also add wikis with more detailed information about their programs. Any issues that arise with the code can be cataloged within the website, making debugging a breeze. Users can upload code in any language, and it is easy to add collaborators onto projects. Github is an excellent resource that makes storing and sharing code as easy as possible.