April 15, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 8)


Strong Points: Beautiful images, nice organization
Weak Points: None


OK, who wants to take a stab at what the acronym GENSAT stands for? Anyone? Well, surely you all correctly guessed that this is the website for the Gene Expression Nervous System Atlas, an NIH-funded project at The Rockefeller University. The atlas contains absolutely stunning images of gene expression patterns in the central nervous system of the developing and adult mouse, and visitors to the site are immediately greeted with a showcase of such images that changes daily. The “anatomy showcase” feature takes you through various brain structures via both low-magnification bright field and high-resolution confocal images, whereas the “cell showcase” provides researchers with the ever-useful information regarding which genetic markers may be used to mark specific cell populations. Just a warning—you may lose some time from the lab bench simply marveling at these images!

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