November 1, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 19)


Strong Points: Beautiful web design, many interactive features
Weak Points: Nothing major


Look around and you’ll see technology everywhere. We are under constant attack from digital stimulation. As a consequence, we have become accustomed to flitting from one thing to the next. (This is either a luxury of our online world or a sad commentary on our collective attention span.) Genes to Cognition Online is the beautifully designed and engrossing brainchild of the Dolan DNA Learning Center. It gives visitors the opportunity to flaunt their short attention spans through interactive menus, gene maps, and a series of multimedia features. A great site for students and teachers of neuroscience, Genes to Cognition Online lets you explore the firing properties of a “virtual neuron,” navigate your way through a 3-D animated brain (also available from iTunes for your iPhone or iPod Touch), and read news articles. With layer upon layer of information to explore, this website will have your neurons firing on all cylinders.

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