Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Tools available on the site are easy to use and work right within the browser.

The Gene Expression and Analysis Resource, referred to as gEAR, is an excellent resource for scientists working with omics data of any kind. The website allows users to visualize and analyze large omics datasets such as full genomes, transcriptomes, and proteomes. The site includes over 900 datasets that are available for users to examine and allows users to upload datasets of their own. There are several analysis tools with great functionality that can be used right on the website, including a comparison tool that allows users to plot datasets based on experimental condition, and a multigene display tool where users can create heatmaps. In addition to the tools available, the website also includes extensive documentation on how to use its different features, including how to upload, analyze, and visualize scRNA-seq data and epigenetic data. Users have to create an account to upload and analyze their own data, but the public datasets are freely accessible.

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