September 15, 2006 (Vol. 26, No. 16)


Strong Points: Interesting information
Weak Points: Registration seems silly

Serving as a gateway of information for the biotech industry in the Czech Republic, Gate2Biotech is an attractively designed collection of pages that has a lot to offer but with a curious design scheme. A few questions come to mind. First, what exactly is the aim of the site? Promotion? The About page provides no clue. Second, why does the site require login registration, which is free anyway? It would seem that the aim of the site is promoting the Czech biotech industry, but registration will restrict viewership. Third, why do clicks on some of the database links provide no data? On the plus side, the site does have a considerable amount of news, an extensive dictionary, writings in Czech and English, and enough miscellaneous offerings to keep one busy for a while. All of these are worth viewing. Besides, how many biotech industries do you know that date their history back to the Middle Ages?

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