April 15, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 8)


Strong Points: Gorgeous pix, useful info
Weak Points: None

Mycologists will marvel at the beautiful images presented on this site, while nonmycologists will—wait, what is mycology again? This branch of botany deals with all things fungal, and there is no better introduction than through the pictures of mushroom photographer Taylor Lockwood. On this site, Lockwood presents a large collection of fungi photos, conveniently labeled into categories such as “toxic and deadly” and “edible.” My one critique is that Mr. Lockwood does not label the photos with the names of the mushrooms. I suppose, though, that if I ever find myself out in the wild with nothing to eat, visual cues will be much more useful than species classifications in discerning fungal friend from foe. If the photos don’t satiate your mushroom curiosity, there is also an interactive game. I can think of no other website where one could happen upon a screen that reads, “As you hear the Czar and his party laughing at your mycological misfortune, you die!”

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