October 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 18)


Strong Points: Helpful overviews about the state of the therapy, detailed additional resources
Weak Points: Focused on the company’s own therapeutics


For decades, our best methods for combating cancer have been blanket treatments that often have widespread negative effects on patients. However, cancer biology has made huge strides in recent years and targeted therapies seem closer than ever. One of these emerging therapies is immunotherapy, which utilizes patients’ own immune systems to combat tumors. Fight Cancer with Immunotherapy, a website compiled by Dendreon Pharmaceuticals, is a great resource for anyone curious about the basics behind this emerging treatment. The website provides a general overview of how the immune system interacts with cancerous cells and how immunotherapies are designed to enhance the natural immune response. Additionally, the website includes a brief history of immunotherapy and the different types of immunotherapies that are currently in development. There are short, supplementary videos available. Fight Cancer with Immunotherapy is a great resource for scientists and oncologists curious about this emerging treatment.

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