April 15, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 8)


Strong Points: Very easy to use, can edit snips later
Weak Points: Can’t save snipped videos for offline embedding in presentations


The Internet contains a wealth of information in the form of videos that could be a perfect complement to your next seminar talk or classroom lecture…if only this video was shorter, or that video could be started in the middle. EZsnips is a free (and yes, easy) online tool to edit video clips from YouTube to only include the specific portion of interest. Users must first register for an account, using a valid email address; after which, they can create snips simply by pasting the URL for their video of interest and using the slide bars to define the portion of the video that they’d like to snip out. Each snip can be assigned a name, keywords, and a description, and users can specify settings such as sound, playback, and video quality. Upon selecting “create snip,” a URL and an embed code for the snipped clip are created. The URL can then simply be placed within your PowerPoint presentation to create a hyperlink to the online video.

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