November 15, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 20)


Strong Points: Nice page design, organization
Weak Points: Nothing significant


Yes, we are all familiar with what DNA is. Some bases and deoxyribose, throw in a phosphate backbone and some hydrogen bonding and bingo—you’ve got yourself the molecule of life. However, do we really ever take a moment to think about how DNA and DNA technology have transformed different fields? Such is the goal of, a website founded by John Rowlinson to give context to DNA in our lives. Articles written by experts in the field (though we are never told who those people are) discuss DNA in relation to agriculture, disease, law, forensics, and computer applications, to name some of the categories on the site. While I might disagree with the website’s assertion that “If you are searching for information on DNA, then this website may be the single best resource available for your quest,” I do think that this website does a nice job providing practical, general information about how the advent of new DNA technology has impacted various facets of society.

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