June 15, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 12)


Strong Points: Variety of topics, podcast or article format
Weak Points: Not yet many articles under current host


The website QuickandDirtyTips.com provides information on a variety of topics, with specific  “hosts” covering topics within their realm of expertise. So, for example, you would consult with Money Girl about finances, or Clever Cookstr for recipes, or (perhaps most relevant for this audience) Everyday Einstein for scientific knowhow. Everyday Einstein (whose current identity is astrophysicist Dr. Sabrina Stierwalt) provides answers to a wide range of scientific questions. Questions presently featured on the site include “Will the sun explode” and “Is anxiety genetic,” and “What is dark matter,” to name a few. Content on the site is actually delivered as both podcasts (to which you can subscribe) and written articles. Site visitors can also submit their questions to Everyday Einstein herself.

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