May 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 10)


Strong Points: Includes videos of raw data and expression trees
Weak Points: Partial resource (only select genes included), work in progress


As it is still a work in progress, the EPIC (Expression Patterns in Caenorhabditis) database may not quite live up to its grandiose name…yet. However, it is a very exciting start to the cataloging—on a cell-by-cell basis—of the expression patterns of single genes in the developing worm embryo. For now, all of the data come from imaging protein fusions in C. elegans, though the website indicates that there are intentions to expand the analysis to another species, C. briggsae, as well. At present, the database contains expression data for over 130 genetic reporters. For each entry, users are provided an expression tree that maps the reporter expression over the cell lineage tree to illustrate the specific lineages and cells in which the particular reporter is expressed. Videos of the complete imaging time series used to construct the expression tree are also provided. Basic details about the experiment, strain, and construct are included for each entry in the database.

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