March 15, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 6)


Strong Points: Photos, videos, and information about projects
Weak Points: None


The website for the conservation group Endangered Species International, Inc. doesn’t beat around the bush. Its homepage ominously reads, “The next time you come back to our website, one species will have already disappeared!” Beyond presenting sobering facts like that, the website provides a great deal of information about the very animals that are in danger of extinction, as well as information about the organization’s efforts to prevent it. The website highlights 17 of the organization’s current projects, which include saving animals from the bush meat trade in the Congo, protecting the coral reef, and saving biodiversity in Colombia, to name a few. The site contains a galleries section featuring a number of beautiful photograph collections relating to the organization’s work, as well as free field recordings and videos. Visitors are of course given the option to donate to the cause, though there is also a list of things people can do beyond giving money to help the environment and endangered species.

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