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October 15, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 18)


  • Updated calendar and news features, nice organization
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The Ecolihub—no, it can’t be found at your favorite restaurant (at least, one would hope not!). Rather, this hub of Escherichia enjoyment is an online resource that brings together many aspects of this well-studied organism in one place. (In the words of the website’s tagline, EcoliHub is “Spanning the web to bring you the awesome power of E. coli.”) Features of the site include a search of 12 different E. coli data sources, subsequently presenting the results in a single page, a data repository of E. coli genomic datasets with tools for data analysis, an E. coli wiki, and a database for large-scale data mining. Community features such as a forum and a calendar keep E. coli enthusiasts connected with each other, while the news articles and the “E. coli in the blogosphere” feature keep visitors to the site in touch with the latest world happenings of this busy little bacterium.

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