Strong Points: Data and modeling
Weak Points: Needs educational component

With a name like EcoFOCI, this site probably gets a lot of visitors who expect to see something relating to E. coli. In fact, at least as far as I could determine, there is nothing on the organism anywhere to be found. The Eco part of the name refers to Ecosystems and FOCI is an acronym for Fisheries-Oceanography Coordinated Investigations. Consequently, the aim of the site is to be a tool for biological/physical oceanographers, fisheries biologists, and researchers in related disciplines. With ocean fisheries worldwide in a sorry state and sea ice disappearing, EcoFOCI plays an important role in keeping researchers connected with each other. Site highlights include research program descriptions with hyperlinked references, computer models (biological and physical), and numerous sets of data for download. I was disappointed at the lack of educational focus, but that’s a relatively minor complaint.