August 1, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 14)


Strong Points: Clean site design, Cytoscape plugin
Weak Points: Nothing major


Smartphone, anyone? No, no, this DroID has to do with fruit flies, not high-tech gadgets. DroID stands for the DROsophila Interactions Database, and it is an online resource developed in the Finley Laboratory at Wayne State University School of Medicine. In this database one will find gene and protein interactions; specifically, the database includes protein-protein, transcription factor-gene, miRNA-gene, and gene-gene interactions. Users begin by searching for genes and then for associated interactions. A nice feature of the database is the ability to search by ortholog name in yeast, C. elegans, human, or “other.” Users can download individual datasets (such as genetic interaction data), or they can download the entire database. Providing additional ways to experience the contents of the database, the site includes an option to search with IM Browser and provides a database plugin for Cytoscape.

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