August 1, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 14)


Strong Points: Highlights latest additions to database
Weak Points: One search field not functional


I think it is sometimes forgotten that just because scientists have sequenced the human genome, that doesn’t mean that we previously had (or even have now) complete genomic sequences for many “lower” eukaryotes. Indeed, researchers are actively continuing the daunting quest to provide complete genomic information for a large number of high-interest organisms. To get the latest updates on the many eukaryotic genomics sequencing projects currently under way, visit This site has compiled data from 2,459 projects covering 1,086 species. The homepage features a highlighted organism, as well as a listing of the most recent genome assemblies and genome publications in the database. The website also contains a nice links page that directs visitors to other sequencing projects and a few taxonomy databases. I found one search feature on the “species” page to be broken, but visitors to the site can still search the database via the search bar displayed on the homepage.

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