November 15, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 20)


Strong Points: Free download, many how-to features
Weak Points: Limited utility (neural data-specific, few analysis features)


Researchers who regularly traffic in neural activity data (i.e., spike trains) may find DataHigh to be a welcome addition to their data analysis arsenal. DataHigh is an open-source, MATLAB-based graphical user interface to manipulate and visualize neural population activity. In particular, DataHigh includes tools to facilitate the analysis of inherently complex and high dimensional datasets, such as those measuring the activity of populations of neurons over time. With DataHigh’s graphing and dimensionality reduction capabilities, researchers can quickly visualize how neural activity evolves over time and across experimental trials. The website also includes tutorials for these features, links to the original DataHigh publications, and an introductory video to the software. The software download includes sample data files, so users can immediately familiarize themselves with DataHigh’s features before using their own data. The interface is easy to navigate and provides multiple options for users to quickly manipulate the visualizations of their data.

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