DANDI Archives

DANDI Archives

Rating: Every Good

Strong Points: Easy to upload and download datasets; many datasets already available

Weak Points: Some documentation is still being compiled; requires some coding knowledge to examine datasets.

Neurophysiology probes are increasingly capable of recording from hundreds of neurons over long periods of time, giving us unparalleled insight into brain activity. However, this insight comes with unwieldy datasets that can be difficult to compare across labs and devastating if lost. Enter DANDI, the Distributed Archives for Neurophysiology Data Integration. DANDI serves as a repository where researchers can deposit their neurophysiology datasets, both as a backup for their own research and for sharing between labs and collaborators. The website contains documentation describing how to both upload complete datasets or download files in the repository for further analysis. The archive is in early access mode so some features and documentation are still in progress, but in the meantime, users can peruse the over seventy datasets already available. DANDI is a promising tool for storing and sharing large neurophysiology datasets, a resource that will only become more essential in the future.

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