September 15, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 16)


Strong Points: Great discussion group, many practical resources
Weak Points: None


How quickly technology moves these days! A few short years ago, the conversation about genome-editing techniques was dominated by TALENs. These days, however, the spotlight is owned by CRISPR. For researchers who are using or hoping to use the technology, the Zhang laboratory at the Broad Institute has an excellent website dedicated to CRISPR. The site includes a brief description of the technology, information about CRISPR reagents and protocols, and a page dedicated to troubleshooting tips. The website also includes a link to the laboratory’s CRISPR Design Tool—which identifies all SpCas9 target sites within a user-inputted DNA sequence—as well as a link to a very active online discussion group pertaining to the technology. All in all, the website is a great place to learn about this cutting-edge technology…but you better do so quickly, before the next big thing comes along!

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