June 1, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 11)


Strong Points: Background information about the council, good organization
Weak Points: None


Good grades? Check. GRE scores? Good to go. Research experience? (Cue the cricket sounds.) In today’s increasingly competitive scientific world, students who know the Krebs cycle by heart—but who can’t hold a pipette—might find themselves at a great disadvantage when applying to graduate programs. So how does one remedy this situation? Well, it takes professors, mentors, and generous benefactors to realize that even college freshmen can make an impact in the lab. The Council on Undergraduate Research provides the framework for collaboration among undergraduate institutions, nonprofit organizations, and individuals who wish to ensure that college students have the opportunity to conduct research. This site offers information about getting involved with the council, be it as a member or a volunteer, and it discusses the organization’s many programs. These include providing resources for teachers, partnering with other groups to provide undergraduate research internships, and connecting undergraduates with graduate schools. This site is for anyone who believes that, in order to be on the front line of discovery, students must be able to learn science from within the trenches.

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