May 15, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 10)


Strong Points: Large collection of digital tools
Weak Points: None


As Dr. Thomas Crouzier laments on his website, Connected Researchers, “I often feel like academic research is stuck in the 1990s…where are the Facebooks, the Kickstarters, the Google Docs for researchers?” With, Dr. Crouzier hopes to bring communication among academics into the 21st century by compiling digital tools that improve the research workflow. The website includes links to a large number of such digital tools, making the website an excellent resource for scientists. Links on the page are organized by their function: exploring the literature, finding and sharing data and code, connecting with others, writing, publishing, evaluating research, and general tools for “at the bench and in the office.” The website also includes a blog (typically consisting of one entry per month) that highlights specific tools. In total, there are many useful resources to be discovered on this website.

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