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November 15, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 20)

Communication Learning In Practice for Scientists (CLIPS)
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Created by professors at the University of Queensland in Australia, the Communication Learning In Practice for Scientists (CLIPS) website provides resources designed to improve the communication skills of science undergraduates. However, scientists at many different stages of training will likely find some utility from the educational modules included on the site. Nine such modules are included on the website and correspond to short-answer questions, displaying data, writing, presentations, posters, communicating with the public, communicating with numbers, infographics, and referencing. The modules themselves are comprised of a combination of written guides, animations, and links to other online resources. The website is nicely organized, and the educational materials provide practical advice and concrete examples to improve one’s communication skills. Students and educators alike should keep this website in mind as a valuable addition to one’s scientific training.

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