February 1, 2007 (Vol. 27, No. 3)


Strong Points: Solid in all areas
Weak Points: None

Colorbasepair is one of those sites you scratch your head and wonder how they picked their domain name. That’s one of the few complaints, though. On the opening page, one discovers a wide ranging site centered on news and links. The central part of the opening page contains synopses of news articles with links to the full articles. On the sidebar, the site links to everything from on-line courses/tutorials to job listings. A section titled Bioinformatics FAQs is a bit disorganized at the top, but most of the info further down on the page is informative, dealing with definitions of bioinformatics, mathematical biology, pharmacogenetics, and many others. The jobs section is surprisingly well done even though it only links to outside sites. Someone is helping to focus this site, and it really pays off, as every job I saw listed was relevant for professionals in the field. Indeed, many will be heartened by the number of such jobs available.

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