January 15, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 2)


Strong Points: Many versions, compatible with different software programs
Weak Points: Must download a number of data files separately


If you find yourself doing high-throughput screens, then you really must go go go to CoCoCo. The Commercial Compound Collection (CoCoCo) suite is a collection of free chemical databases to assist researchers with high-throughput virtual screens. The suite has a special emphasis on in silico drug design, as large libraries of chemicals can be screened on the computer to identify possible drug targets that can further be validated by wet lab experiments. There are five different versions of CoCoCo, all of which utilize chemical libraries provided by eight different organizations. Each version is specially adapted for use with different software platforms (such as Catalyst, Phase, and Unity). The overview page provides users with information about the preparation of the CoCoCo suite, and the introduction page offers context for how this collection of databases can be used in the pharmacophore screening workflow.

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