June 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 12)


Strong Points: Good quality videos, large video collection
Weak Points: Few truly “free” videos, mostly requires a paid subscription


Clutch is a study service for students that provides a large collection of tutorial and review videos. These videos span multiple STEM disciplines such as biochemistry, genetics, and anatomy and physiology, and they are designed to accompany specific textbooks and chapters. As such, students or educators can indicate their college or university (if listed) to easily find the video resources pertaining to the textbooks used at their school. Alternatively, users can simply select from among the textbook options that are presented for a given subject. To sign up for the site users must have a school email address ending in “.edu”. Somewhat annoyingly, a phone number is also required (both to receive a validation code as well as to automatically receive text messages from one’s individually assigned tutor). Signing up for the website is free; however, users are only given three video “tokens” upon initial registration. To earn additional video views, users can opt to invite friends, download the app, or purchase a subscription.

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