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Clinical Research Resource HUB

Clinical Research Resource HUB

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Users can search for information based on their role in the trial or the stage that the trial is in

Weak Points: None


Do you want to begin conducting clinical trials but have no idea where to start? Thinking about participating in a trial and not sure what that would entail? The Clinical Research Resource HUB, from the University of California, San Francisco, compiles information in one convenient place about designing, implementing, and participating in clinical trials. The website provides detailed information for investigators about important steps in the process, such as consent and protocol development, budgeting, and managing data. There are also resources for participants that provide information about why clinical trials are important and how studies are designed to ensure the participants’ protection. The Clinical Research Resource HUB is a great resource for anyone running clinical trials and provides a comprehensive overview of the precautions necessary to ensure that trials are well designed and appropriately implemented.