Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Webcasts are free to access, content available for a wide range of specialties


The Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education is an excellent resource for medical professionals looking to further their education. Educational content on the website comes in a variety of formats, such as interactive case studies and webcasts. Each webcast includes videotaped lectures and accompanying slides and the page for each webcast also includes information about its learning objectives and the target audience. After completing a webcast, users who need Continuing Medical Education credits can take a quiz based on the webcast and receive their credits. The website also provides information about in-person courses and workshops. Users are able to browse through available content based on a large range of medical specialties, ensuring that users have easy access to the information that they need the most. The Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education is a great website for medical professionals who need continuing medical education credits or who just want to brush up on the current knowledge in their field.

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