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Classical Genetics Simulator

Classical Genetics Simulator screenshot

Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Simulator is fun and intuitive

Weak Points: Need to request an account to access full functionality


The Classical Genetics Simulator is a great tool for students learning about genetics or for researchers trying to digitally plan out their crosses. Without creating an account, users can launch the simulator and choose their chromosomal locations of interest. From there, users can cross flies out and see how the genetic traits they chose are carried into subsequent generations. Additionally, users can run a basic chi-squared test to compare their expected ratios and the actual ratios that were generated. In addition to the simulator, the website contains a comprehensive catalog of mutant Drosophila phenotypes through which users can browse. Each mutant phenotype comes with images or diagrams comparing the mutant and wild type, a short description of the phenotype, and any relevant references. Although there are some features that can only be accessed by creating an account, the free version is still a useful tool for researchers using flies or for instructors introducing their students to genetics.