March 15, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 6)


Strong Points: Egg math modules
Weak Points: MRI image database removed


The Illinois Chickscope project—a project connecting K–12 classrooms to MRI data from scientists studying chick embryos—may have ended years ago, but there’s still information to explore on the resulting Chickscope website. From the “Explore” tab on the website users can access, for example, a page that provides an introduction to chick embryology. There is also the Egg Math page, which consists of egg-themed educational modules covering a range of K–12 math concepts. Throughout the remainder of the site, visitors can find tidbits of information related to NMR spectroscopy and MRI imaging. Sadly, the MRI image database no longer remains on the site. Alas, in some sense then this site really is a “shell” of its former self.

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