Charles River Laboratories

Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Resource libraries are well-organized, easy to filter through, and informative.

Weak Points: As to be expected, the majority of the site is focused on the company’s products.

Charles River Laboratories is best known for providing research groups with model organisms, but its website is far more than just a catalog. The company’s website contains numerous resources that are tidily organized and incredibly useful. The Resource Library includes information about the company itself and its services, including catalogs and service descriptions. However, in addition, they have numerous videos, tool guides, webinars on demand, and two comprehensive libraries that serve as excellent resources for scientists working in drug development and cancer research. One library, the Biologics Regulatory Document Library, is a large compilation of documents that detail procedures for drug development, approval, and release in American and international markets. The second library, called the Collection of Oncology Research Experiments (CORE), is an invaluable tool for determining the right research model for oncology questions. If you’re on the Charles River Laboratory website to order animals, be sure to check out the rest of the site while you’re there.

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