Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Several different tools available on the site.

Weak Points: Some tools are partially available but still undergoing development.

Caenorhabditis elegans, the nemotode worm, is a powerful model organism in biology research and numerous atlases and maps are available for this small but mighty species. One such resource is the C. elegans Neuronal Gene Expression Network, or CeNGEN. CeNGEN collects single-cell RNA sequencing data from every type of neuron in the C. elegans nervous system. Users can access this data via a web app right on the site. In the app, users can search for gene expression levels and enriched genes by cell type, find differential expression between cells, and create single-cell plots and heatmaps. In addition to the single-cell data, CeNGEN is also compiling a database that examines alternative splicing. This portion of the project is still under development, but users can browse through the data that is currently available. CeNGEN is a great resource for researchers working with worms and is worth checking out.

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