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September 01, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 15)


  • Large links collection, great collection of photos
  • A bit difficult to navigate

Entomology enthusiasts are going to go bug-eyed at the sight of this online guide to all things creepy and crawly. (Though the contributors to the site would probably take issue with the “creepy” description, as they make a point to say that they want to get others excited about these “oft-maligned creatures.”) The website is a collaborative effort of naturalists who are simply looking to share their enthusiasm for insects, spiders, and related creatures. The site is largely composed of photos, though it also contains a substantial amount of background information for many of the species represented on the site. This includes information regarding classification, common names, identification, and habitat, to name some of the categories. In case the site leaves you wanting more, there is a very large collection of links to other insect- and spider-centric websites.

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