August 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 14)


Strong Points: Engaging and relatable content, especially for early-career scientists
Weak Points: Mediocre sound/production quality


The Breaking Bio podcast employs a roundtable format to discuss various topics related to biology, science in general, and the academic life.  Videos have been uploaded to Breaking Bio's YouTube channel. The latest episode premiered in February 2016, so the podcast has seemingly concluded. However, with exactly 100 episodes from which to choose, the interested listener still has a great deal of content to enjoy. Most of the episodes clock in at about half an hour. The hour-long final episode offers a riveting interview with Dr. Doug Emlen. A professor at the University of Montana, Dr. Emlen studies “animal weaponry”—adaptations like horns or antlers that are used in battles over resources and potential mates. Many of the episodes feature graduate students and postdocs, thereby providing perspectives from various stages along the academic journey.

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