March 15, 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 6)


Strong Points: News, classifieds
Weak Points: Very unfocused

Another month, another site dedicated to putting researchers together. This one takes a sort of multi-tiered approach that is a bit unusual. Looking like a sort of combination of a classified ads site and a news site, Biolistings looks like it is still getting its feet on the ground. The message I had from the CEO indicated that the original intent was to “to create a free, CraigsList-type application that would enable small companies and researchers to find or advertise used equipment to each other.” Mercifully, they abandoned that notion, but what the site has morphed into is hard to encapsulate. It includes a good section of news, as well as companies trying to sell you things. It includes a Life Sciences directory that only contains 27 entries under the category of Biotech Companies, but 38 under Architects! There appears to be a bit of a focus problem. Registration is required for full access, so there may be more to this site than what meets the eye of a freeloader like me, but I’m not so sure. Worth a look, but probably not worth a lot of your time.

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