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September 15, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 16)


  • Nice photo collections, links
  • Lacks background educational material

Remember the thrills of exploring nature as a child? Whether it was building forts in trees, running through the forest, or climbing the cragged rocks at the beach, the terrain always possessed an element of mystery that inspired the imagination. Well, this sense of excitement and exploration is very much a part of the lives of biospeleologists, people who study the biology of caves and their inhabitants. Biospeleology is co-sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin, the Texas Natural Science Center, and the Missouri Department of Conservation, and it provides an insider’s look at the field. There is a wonderful gallery of cave-dwelling animal photos, organized by taxon. (There is also a separate photo collection—cave biologists at work—that really makes one appreciate the effort that goes in to collecting the photos of the cave critters.) The website includes a list of other biospeleology links, so grab your flashlight and start exploring!

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