January 15, 2007 (Vol. 27, No. 2)


Strong Points: Outstanding coverage
Weak Points: Nothing significant

My evaluation of this one had its ups and downs. The title caught my eye. A quick read of the About Biosingularity, however, left me with a sinking feeling that the author was a bit over the top with the word. A step back to the main page, however, revealed a great selection of articles on health, biology, aging, and other topics related to living organisms. I’d find it hard to believe any biologist would not find things of interest here. The topics are wonderful and make fascinating reading. When I viewed this site, they included the protective effects of alpha lipoic acid against atherosclerosis, the transformation of immune cells into tumor fighters, the little known antibiotic that appears to have promise as an anticancer agent, and much more. Indeed, the articles I note appeared on the page in the span of 13 days. I don’t know of a better site out there that covers its topic so concisely. My hat goes off to the designer even if I’m not fond of the concept of biosingularity.

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