April 15, 2007 (Vol. 27, No. 8)


Strong Points: Interesting links
Weak Points: Couldn’t this at least be designed better?

Let’s see. The opening page of this one has ads for chemistry software, Sigma-Aldrich, and Amazon.com. Does that raise any red flags for you? It did for me, as the displays were: 1) obnoxiously wiggling/moving and 2) about as unpleasantly mish-mashed together as they could be. Do advertisers ever look to see how their ads are displayed? Sigh. OK, this site is about more than just ads or I wouldn’t be talking about it here. To the point, BioScreening provides numerous useful links to information. They include CombiChem libraries, an A to Z list of companies involved in bioscreening, compound libraries, software, pharmacological standards libraries, specialty chemicals, and natural products, among others. The links, unfortunately, are in tiny print on the ad-dominated opening page, so you’ll have to squint to find what you’re after. I suppose it is worth it, but just barely.

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