November 15, 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 20)


Strong Points: Excellent idea
Weak Points: Needs more reviews

The mission statement for this site concludes with, “Our contributors rate what is in the vial, so you can spend more time thinking out of the box!” If for no other reason, this website should be mentioned for its catchy slogans. Fortunately, there is another reason this site is of note, beyond the wit of the BioRating team: it offers a comprehensive antibody directory. One can search for a specific antigen and find not only a list of antibodies from different manufacturers, but also reviews from other researchers. So even though optimization of different antibodies can be loads of fun, if you ever have an inkling to read other peoples’ experiences before you tear your hair out, this site is for you. Reviews can only be accessed by members, but membership is free and requires only a username and password. Sadly, this fairly new site is bereft of reviews for many of its listed antigens. So my battle cry for all of you antibody-wielding researchers is, write, write, write!

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