December 1, 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 21)


Strong Points: Clever idea
Weak Points: Usefulness unclear

’Tis the season for college football, a sport where virtually everything is determined by the ratings. It seems only fair, therefore, that biotechnology should also reap the benefits of a ratings scheme. The system in question here is aimed at helping users to find the best antibodies for their antigens. Ratings include the Top 10 Best Rated Antibodies and the Top 10 Most Reviewed Manufacturers. Visitors can search for antibodies by name or click on an alphabetical listing of them. The site claims ratings are provided by users though it is not completely clear how (or if) companies are excluded from rating their own products. Antibodies are listed by name and when one clicks on a number in the column called View Antibodies, a listing of all the providers of that antibody is given. A great idea in theory, I’ll be curious to hear from readers how well it works in practice.

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