May 15, 2007 (Vol. 27, No. 10)


Strong Points: Well thought out
Weak Points: None

Biopeer fits somewhere in between a typical blog (blog = boring log) site about research biology and a news site. A real plus for Biopeer is that it avoids the shortcomings of both and makes for informed and focused reading. The opening page of the site has a teaser story illustrating how information is handled. The lead article at press time concerned recent discoveries linking obesity to the growth of cancer. The authors have written an encompassing set of descriptions relative to the headline and then linked text within them to the appropriate news article. In the wrong hands, this approach not only doesn’t work well, it actually turns away potential readers from the site. Fortunately, it is done superbly here. I’m impressed at the handling of the news, though the Ads by Google get a bit more prominent of a display than I would like. Other pluses for the site include the Hot Jobs section, archives, a nicely categorized section on Avian Flu, and more.

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