July 1, 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 13)


Strong Points: High-quality content
Weak Points: Could have more free content

Here is a site that I wrestled with, deciding whether or not to include it here due to its strongly commercial nature. I finally opted to review it, because as I got to poking around, I found a few items of general interest. Biomedia Associates is a company that sells learning programs for biology education. If the quality of their materials is as extensive and attractively designed as their web pages, they are worth checking out. I’m interested in general materials/content for biology and teaching, so I was most curious as to what I could find here. There were a few educational gems including some outstanding photography (with accompanying descriptions), a superb mystery organism gallery (some with quizzes), and an extensive collection of links. Any marketing guru will tell you that a great website lures visitors to check the commercial offerings therein, and Biomedica Associates appears to have learned that lesson well. I like what I see here and encourage anyone interested in biology education to give it a look.

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