November 15, 2007 (Vol. 27, No. 20)


Strong Points: Student PowerPoints
Weak Points: Needs more original content

Writing this column sometimes makes me feel a bit like a voyeur. Most commonly this happens when I review sites that are lab or class sites that aren’t necessarily intended for the general traffic of the web. Nevertheless, any site that is available to everyone should also be open for review. With that in mind, I present my summary of Advanced Molecular Genetics, Biology 566, at Western Kentucky University. Like many class websites, Biology 566’s site has a table loaded with hyperlinks to its various topics. They include sections on signaling, yeast gene regulation, gene silencing, stem cells, RNA regulators, and prions. Materials appear, in most cases, to be images from books, though there are original summaries as well. Some of the best materials on the site are actually downloadable PowerPoints from student presentations. If you’re looking at online grad offerings in molecular biology, Biology 566 is worth a look, even if it is short in original content.

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