May 15, 2007 (Vol. 27, No. 10)


Strong Points: Some interesting articles
Weak Points: Scattered, uneven

And the news just keeps on coming. Next up is another blog that can’t decide if it is computational biology or bioinformatics. Okay, I guess they sort of are the same thing, but couldn’t the title reflect the URL or vice-versa? That’s a minor complaint here, as the site has a lot going for it. In contrast to the other blog-related sites I’ve covered this month, this one is more of a standard blog with all kinds of random tidbits of knowledge relating to bioinformatics. Information is presented as titles. Clicking on one brings up a clipping, which is usually taken from another site. Clicking on it brings up the full article. Some of the connections to bioinformatics are pretty loose. Still, there are some real gems to be discovered, including a discussion of how to mine PubMed for information, a discussion of the history and future of artificial intelligence, and a discussion of comparative genomics. Though it’s a bit scattered, Bioinformatics Latest News is worth checking out.

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