October 15, 2006 (Vol. 26, No. 18)


Strong Points: High-end computing tools
Weak Points: Needs clearer explanations

I can’t imagine a better image to put on the opening page of a site to signal the quality of the contents inside than the one found at the Cardiothoracic Imaging site. Winner of a Perrelli International Award for online multimedia in 2005, Cardiothoracic Imaging dazzles the eyes but shines even brighter in linking images to important information in a variety of areas. Seeing an image made by computed tomography actually makes the visitor want to read the text description. If you want to understand imaging techniques or view human anatomy in ways you never dreamed of or see images of patients with specific conditions, this is the place to go. Kudos to the designers of these pages who have compressed a mountain of information into a format that is very manageable. One of the best medical sites, if not the best that I’ve ever seen.

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